YouTube Boosts Female Content Creators With Two New Initiatives

Both programs will focus on producing videos by women, for women, that discuss gender equality and other women’s issues.

As Women’s History Month kicks off, YouTube has introduced two initiatives that will call attention to leading female voices on the platform. One of the programs will see Ingrid Nilsen—who recently interviewed President Obama—and other female YouTube stars partnering with the United Nations, while the other is recruiting women to star in and film female-centric videos at YouTube Spaces, production centers that the company has opened in cities across the world.

“Today, ahead of International Women’s Day, we’re announcing two new programs to continue championing female voices on YouTube,” the company wrote in a blog post. “The first is a new, year-long partnership with the United Nations that appoints top YouTube female creators as the very first Change Ambassadors for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Action campaign. The second is a global production program across the YouTube Spaces that puts women both in front of and behind the camera.”

The Change Ambassadors will work with the UN over the next year to produce content that promotes gender equality. As for the second program, YouTube brought a multitude of female creators to YouTube Spaces in recent months, churning out more than 50 videos dealing with women’s issues. In each YouTube Space project, one of the women acted as creative director, to ensure each video was shot from a female perspective. The videos will be posted to the YouTube Spaces channel starting today.



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