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Why you should care about your GDPR compliance.

GDPR-compliant companies outperforming peers across a wide range of metrics. Privacy has delivered an unexpected competitive advantage, a survey finds. According to a new report from Capgemini research, compliance with the EU’s GDPR has yielded a range of significant and perhaps unanticipated benefits, from increased consumer trust to better customer engagement and revenue growth. Overall, the […]

How your Facebook account can slowly destroy your finances

Social media can eat into your bank balance.  Roughly four in 10 adults with a social media account (39%) say that seeing other people’s purchases and vacations on social media makes them look into a similar purchase or vacation, according to a survey of more than 1,000 Americans released this summer by the American Institute […]

Monitoring Customer Experience: A Holistic Approach for Business Success

Customer experience is more important than ever. Businesses that aren’t focused on delivering on the promise of good customer service are seeing their customers leave in droves. In fact, 66% consumers will switch companies if they have a bad experience, according to a report by Accenture. Because today’s consumers are so fickle and because they have […]

Check out these 12 beautiful apps that just won Apple Design Awards

Apple is all about style, so to win a design award from the company is a pretty big deal indeed. A total of 12 Apple Design Award winners were announced at WWDC this year for their attractive apps.   This is actually the nineteenth year that Apple has handed out Design Awards, and the trophies have certainly gone to […]

Finding the Right Social Media Audience for your Small Business

Yes, of course, social media and the online marketplace have made it easier for small businesses to advertise, as they don’t end up spending serious money on huge swaths of people who are not in any way interested in their products. It has, however, also made it harder. For one thing, the field has become […]

Digital Video Advertising For Traditional TV Tops $2 Billion

Traditional TV network advertising from digital video platforms — Hulu, networks apps/Web sites and video syndicated online — is estimated to grow by 40% this year, now representing a 5% share of all its advertising revenue from video. UBS media analyst Doug Mitchelson says digital video advertising for traditional TV companies is projected to get […]

YouTube Boosts Female Content Creators With Two New Initiatives

Both programs will focus on producing videos by women, for women, that discuss gender equality and other women’s issues. As Women’s History Month kicks off, YouTube has introduced two initiatives that will call attention to leading female voices on the platform. One of the programs will see Ingrid Nilsen—who recently interviewed President Obama—and other female YouTube stars partnering with the United Nations, […]